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Miracle Minded Melissa 

Photo Blogger - Inspiration Artist - Storyteller 



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Unlock the Magic

Posted on August 5, 2021 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (1450)

Hello! The other day I found this affirmation my Dear Momma created in 2014 for a 10-week class

we were attending at church. It was her final project and she gave everyone a key and the

affirmation. I just love the affirmation and thought I'd share it with the whole wide world.

I love her SO much!

PS. I created this photo from my fairy garden. Mom especially liked how the Angel was

whispering to the other Angel how the Magic is going to happen.

"Unlock the Magic!

Your thoughts are like a paintbrush,

and your Life is the canvas.

Your word is the Wand.

With every wave of the Wand...

You are painting your canvas. 

Your True Self is waiting.

Enjoy!"  -Tamara Gifford

Hi! August 2021 Update

Posted on July 31, 2021 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (2299)

Hello! I have been quiet for the last eight months. Why? I learned I was holding trauma in my body without being aware I was doing it. I have been experiencing chonic organ pain for almost six years. My galbladder, liver, kidney, and colon were affected. I had know idea the things I witnessed, expereiced, and/or created in my life caused this physical pain within me? We all have experienced trauma(s) in our life. Did you know if your elbow hurt it could be a symptom of something else going on emotionaly? How about one of your shoulder blades in chronic pain? Or one, or both, of your hips?  The back of your head, right or left side, feels like a ball bat smacked you on the head? Have you exerience a stabbing pain in your right side, under your ribs? All related to gallbladder. 

November 2020, I was tired of the pain and the home remedies were not working, so I vurtually visited an internal medicine doctor to explain my situation. She heard my story and totally determined over the virtual call that I should have my gallbladder removed.  I did not agree, even though my pain was a 10 and I wanted the pain to be gone! By December she ordered the gamut of tests and they all came back fine. I told her that I wanted to try one more thing before we still jump to remove the gallbladder. 

I wanted to reach out to a local nutritionist, Dr. Nathan Kennedy, who came highly recommended. I made my appointment with him January of 2021. I have seen him now for eight months. With his alchemy of remedies for me I have been able to be pain-free for six weeks now. I am on the mend! Yayhoo! I have tried some crazy foods to heal my body. Bitter melon, burdock root, radicchio, rhubarb, lemons, orka slime, to give you an idea. He also has suppliments that have worked magic on my body. He also adds chiropractic work and accupressure to help heal the built up energy. I will continue to see him until I am healed fully.

It's also important to note that I have been working on myself through classes, workshops, and courses,  and "things" come up to the surface again and get healed in a new light. I share this because it is posssible to be pain-free. I was ready to check out because the pain was so much. I am so grateful my mom suggested to me to ask for a recommedation of who to see from one of our favorite teachers, Dr. Patty.  I am grateful for my husband, my mom, Dr. Patty, and especially Dr. Kennedy for believing in me that I can heal my body through nutrition, inner soul work, excercise, prayers and affirmations. 

I've created some recipes for health. Please check out my recipes page.  Thanks for reading and wishing you abundant health and wellness. -Melissa

A Day In the Life of a Warm Fuzzy

Posted on March 31, 2020 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (4005)

Today is the 3rd week of quarantine. To pass the time in an imaginative and creative way, I am sharing a day in the life of a Warm Fuzzy.

My Warm Fuzzy's name is Emma, short for Emerald, and named after Emma Curtis Hopkins, a wonderful pioneer in the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom era.

Introducing Emma:

Enjoying some outside time in meditation.

Checking out this magnificent beast. Shhhhhh. Don't wake her or she'll roll off and the beast will catch her!!

Goin' on a walk with Hanielle.

Tree climbing

Jeep ride to see the fairies. �� And a bonus airplane ride too.

We don't fit in the Camaro very well tho. Haha! ������

Death as a Path for Spiritual Growth

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (2138)

They say things happen for a reason, but it doesn't make it easier...

Last night we had a snowstorm.

I arrived home around 10pm from my night prayer practitioner class and pulled into my garage.

It took me a good minute or two to get my things together to take inside.

I noticed how blizzardy it looked as I got out of my truck. 

I pushed the garage door button and went inside.

Fast forward to this morning.

We received about six inches of snow.

My husband Chad had to clear off his Jeep to go to work.

He opened the garage door and he noticed our beloved feral neighborhood wildcat, Buster, got into our garage last night.

Apparently when I came home from night school he must have gotten to the garage and as I pushed the garage door button the door closed on his neck.

He died.

His head was outside, and the rest of his body was inside the garage.

I can't imagine his death!!!!!

He even tried to claw and scratch his way free!!!

I hope his soul hit the eject button and did not suffer.

I am devastated. I can’t believe I killed him.

Why didn’t the sensor make the door go back up?

How come I didn’t see him?


I loved him so much.

He knew when he came to my home, I would give him love and a can of wet cat food or a pile of dry.

A few years ago, I gained his trust enough that he would allow me to pet him.

I extended my index finger and he would smell it and I would rub his cheeks and ears.

Eventually as time went on, he would let me pet his back.

He would leave for weeks, sometimes, months, but he always returned for a definite meal and some lovin’.

He would sit on my front porch step till I would notice him.

I was always delighted to see him.

I prayed for him when he was away.

I always told him I loved him.

I respected him.

I loved him as my own, though he was Mother Earth’s cat.

He survived and thrived in the wild.

But for some reason, it was his time.

But why did he choose to die in MY garage?

Why did I have to be the one who “ended his life?”

After sobbing and wailing over him, he intuitively told me that he took his life and that I loved him and that I would do right by him.

I am devastated to know that I had a part in his death, but I am partly relieved that I know where he is. I know he wasn’t hit by a car or eaten by another animal.

I plan to have him cremated.

I believe he is now a Spirit Animal protecting me, my home and loved ones.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo sad.

I am currently working though sudden death issues and then Buster suddenly dies. Why?!?!?!?!?

But as they say, things happen for a reason…

Thank you for your God Presence, Buster Wildcat. I love you.

Conscious Invitation

Posted on January 27, 2020 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (1848)

I want to share with you something called Conscious Invitation.


I was inspired to write this after reading the loving mystic Ernest Holmes’ “Unconscious Invitation” which is the manifestation of your thoughts, actions and emotions WITHOUT your conscious attention - mostly attracting things you don't want in your life.


But I want to talk about "Conscious Invitation."


Conscious Invitation is the manifestation of your thoughts, actions, and emotions, WITH your conscious attention. It is the Law of Attraction.

What you think and say, to yourself and others, creates a frequency vibration.

Everything in existance is a frequency vibration.

For exapmle, did you know our bodies are 50-75% made of water? So, if the water that was spoken-to is affected by the word/thought vibration, imagine how our bodies are affected by our words, thoughts and emotions? It is scientifically known that when you speak words of love to water, the molecules under magnification are beautiful, whole and complete.

However, when you speak words opposite of love, like hate, jealousy, fear and resentment, the water molecules are deformed and broken.

Dr. Marasu Emoto, a Japanese author and pseudoscientist, says that "Human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water." Check out Dr. Marasu Emoto’s website for more fascinating information on this subect., water molecules can be altered by our thoughts, just imagine how Divinely Whole, Well and Abundant we can be when our thoughts are for the Highest Good for all.

Conscious Invitation is being aware and conscious of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Conscious Invitation allows us to attract an abundance of Harmonic Love, Divine Wealth and Absolute Health.

Conscious Invitation is the fuel to our Vision; because we are consciously inviting all that is Divinely Good - as God as our Source.

I want to share a FUN example of how I consciously invited my dream car into physical manifestation. 

In 2011 the Transformers movie came out and I instantly fell in love with Bumble Bee the Camaro. (My name means Honeybee in Greek, so I was really attracted to BB).


I loved it so much that I wanted it for my next car. One day in 2012, I was grocery shopping and I came across a Bumble Bee Hot Wheels car.


I was ecstatic! I bought my Bumble Bee!!


I took it home and took photos of it in front of the garage door in the driveway. I created a visualization that my dream car is “in the driveway.”


In order to prepare for my dream car, I focused and disciplined myself to save money and prepared my credit to be able to afford my dream car.

        I had to be disciplined with my finances and choices.

        I had to save for a down-payment.

        I had to improve my credit to receive a low rate.

        I made an agreement with myself to pay it off in half of the agreement



Fast forward five years to 2017. It was time to start putting my “feelers” out there and see what kind of Camaros were available and what my budget will be.


I know from experience that when you have an idea of what you want, sprinkle it with “this or better”, because you never know what the Universe has in store for you.

 I still really loved Bumble Bee, but I have grown a little wiser and thought maybe a bright yellow Camaro was not what I really wanted. I began looking for blue, orange or red. I loved the metallic inferno orange, but none were available with the list of options I wanted.

        It had to be an “SS” Camaro, or better.

        It had to be a stick-shift.

        It had to have low miles.

        It had to have a sunroof.

        It had to be a great deal of a price.


I looked online every day from July to September (2017).


Then I found her! And she was Victory Red with Graphite Grey stripes. 

She had every option I wanted especially being a "2SS Camaro" and having a sunroof. The miles were beyond low, and the price was spot on for what I wanted to pay.


I was jumping up and down with glee that the car was in Parker, CO (less than 20 miles from me) and that we didn’t have to truck her in from another state!!


I instantly called the dealer, made an appointment to see her.


We showed up and there was a SOLD placard hanging on the mirror!!!


At first, I thought NOOOOOO, she got sold!!!!!???? Baaaaaaa!!!!!!! 


Then I quickly snapped out of it and thought, oh yeah, that’s for ME.


I test drove her, and so did my husband Chad, and totally knew she was the one. After the test drive, we went back to the dealership and the whole experience was 100% pleasant.


We were in and out of there in 43 minutes. I manifested my dream car into fruition. Yay!!


I am so grateful! Her name is Artemis and she is a fasssst 6-speed. 


I didn’t know it at the time as the term “Conscious Invitation”, but it helped me achieve the goal of owning my dream car.


I put the idea out there to the Universe and It conspired to help me achieve it – and even better - because I did the "inside" work to make it happen.


As I look back on my life, I have so many miracles that have shown up because of Conscious Invitation of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Not just in the material world. Also, through healing my body. I will share a story about healing my body on another day. Stay tuned. 


"If you think you can, you WILL. If you think you can't, you WON'T!" -Henry Ford


Dr. Wayne Dyer also said it well, “Change your thoughts, Change your Life.”

I totally agree.


What will you visualize to manifest out of Conscious Invitation? 

-Miracle Minded Melissa

Holy Sh*t - Practicing the Presence...

Posted on January 23, 2020 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (722)

Have you ever thought about practicing mindfulness, or positivity, while performing generally unpleasant, boring, dreadful tasks?


This would be called “Practicing the Presence,” of God. (God/Spirit/Oneness – whichever name you call your Higher Power – is the Divine Presence of the ever-expanding Universe.)


About eight years ago I had an “ah-ha” moment about doing my chores and how I just didn’t like doing them; they were boring, and I wanted to not be doing them.


I was putting resisting energy toward doing the chore. I had been this way since I was a child. However, with the influence of Mile Hi Church classes and workshops, and me taking the action steps to change my world (by what I am learning at MHC), one day I snapped out of it and asked myself “why must it feel this way every time I…. (fill in the blank) - pick up the dog sh*t, put the dishes away, exercise, or…?”


I began to change the thoughts around those chores, and they quit being chores and I dreaded doing them less and less, until I dread them no more.


My testimony how Practicing the Presence works is… 

Practicing the Presence while picking up the dog shit in the backyard.

(I have (3) 75lb Labradors – LOTS of shit!)


At that moment I realized that chores don’t have to be a “bore”, I began to make Thursday mornings my ritual of picking up the dog shit, before the trash truck came for the week.


Excuse the word, it just really pertains to my personal lesson.


My ritual was this. For every shit I was picking up, I blessed the shit in my life. I gracefully scoop the shit in the scooper and bless it while I put it in the bag.


It is a walking meditation too, because I need to focus not to step on any shit, while finding the next pile of shit to bless. I need to make sure not to step on any residue-shit too!


I cannot believe how fast I can get that shit picked up!


When I was a kid, all the way to an adult, I resisted picking up dog shit. It felt like 1,937,378,830 hours, picking the shit up when I had the feeling of resistance and dread. I’d be in my head about how much I “hated” picking up shit.


Since I have grown up, I accept and bless the shit (literally and figuratively) in my life, when the shit shows up, I am able to just “bag it”, “bless it” and “go about my way.”


Update: I’ve also learned that picking up shit has its seasons too. I prefer picking up frozen shit, but it must be on the grass. I can pick it up without leaving any skid marks in the grass, like warm, summer shit.


Frozen shit on snow is a no-go. I need an excavator to extract the shit from the frozen tundra in my back yard. It’s like little shit mines back there during the winter.


So, I thought to myself, what shit in my life can I freeze and pick up without leaving any residue?


I began to meditate - with the shit scooper still in my hand - on the shit in my life that can be frozen and given to God to dispose of it.


Practicing the Presence while picking up the dog shit has really made a difference in my weekly chore. I gladly pick up the shit now.


How can you improve your life greater by Practicing the Presence of God?


Abundance Shows up as a Wild Cat

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1209)

It is a crisp, bright and clear, chilly winter morning in the foothills of Colorado. The ground has little snow and Life is beautifully still outside. GrandMother Earth is glorious in her new day.

I sit in the window basking in the warmth from Father Sun. I say my morning affirmations and prayers. I open my eyes and I see the neighborhood wild cat at my door.

I love him. I've named him Buster.

I am always delighted to see him. He stops by to ask for a bite to eat, and I of course provide a meal to him. He’s been visiting for about six years now. Sometimes I won’t see him for months. I’ll think about him and he shows up the next day. We must have a connection.

Two years ago I gained his trust enough that he allows me to pet him. Before, he would keep his distance, but now, I stick out my pointer finger, and he comes to check me out. I rub his ears, cheeks and under his chin. Yay!!

He is a remarkable cat. He has survived sub-zero temperatures and attacks living in the wild. I’ve seen injuries on him heal. I do not know where he goes, but he shows up knowing he will receive love and a meal from me.

This morning I asked myself what I thought his presence in my life meant.

This is what I feel. Buster shows up to remind me that I am completely taken care of by the Abundant Universe.

He shows up to remind me that in our human experience we too can survive our own sub-zero event in our lives. He reminds me that we have our own journey to experience.

He’s out there living a wild cat life and knows when he shows up at my door, he will receive a meal and some love.

The Universe shows up for us too, knowing that our greatest wants, desires and needs are met in the Highest Good, for the Highest Good.

How does Spirit show you your Divine Abundance?


Old Tapes

Posted on January 21, 2020 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (4166)

Old tapes?


Not the old cassette tapes that we recorded our favorite tunes on as kids. The old thoughts and memories that are filed away in the cellar of our mind. Also, the “old tapes” that play inside our mind 24/7/365. Our “old tapes” have three personalities of the "inner voice," "the parent,” “the inner child,” and, “the adult.” There is "the inner critic” and "the Inner Advisor,” too, but also another I have realized is "the inner distracter.”


I had a superb upbringing with parents who loved and supported me, so when the inner parent appears, it is to remind me to be balanced within; to be disciplined and responsible with my choices. My inner parent is kind, loving, patient, tolerant, honest, genuine, and fun. My inner parent gives me feedback to improve myself, which is helpful on my journey. My inner child has been loved her whole life. I play with my inner child every day.


Sometimes my inner child voice appears when I am bored. When I was young, I would over-indulge in snacks between meals because I was bored after school. I notice as an adult, my inner child voice would appear, and I would crave snack foods. My inner parent voice shows up and gently reminds my inner child that maybe I could choose a healthier snack, drink some water, or do something active. The “Inner Parent Voice” asks the question, “Are you hungry, or are you bored?” Then I can stop and choose the option that is in the Highest Good for me.


I have always known about my “Inner Advisor.” I know I was born knowing, but my Dear Mother reminded me at a very young age (before I could speak) that we have a Higher Power and an Inner Voice that will divinely guide me, and to listen to It as It will take me by the hand and guide me on my purposeful path. She called it “The Voice,” and I resonated with that term as well. To me, the Higher Power “voice” is God – Spirit - Divine Presence – Harmonic Love - Oneness…


My "God-Voice” is my Inner Advisor, my intuition, my GPS in this life. In addition to my wonderful mother’s guidance as a young child, I was also influenced by Louise L. Hay’s meditations and songs of affirmation. Louise Hay taught me to forgive and how to release thoughts and feelings so that I do not grow up with destructive “old tapes” and “buttons” to be pushed as an adolescent, teen, or adult.


I noticed that I have an “inner distracter” instead of an "inner critic." I don’t have a mean, bully voice, criticizing me - ever. The "inner distracter," however, will drop a memory in my consciousness, and I run with it. I end up spending time and energy on memories and thoughts that currently do not matter. I will hear a song or smell a fragrance, and the "inner distracter" will take me down the rabbit hole of memory lane.


I had an experience with the "inner distracter" during a recent graduate-level course. My professor asked us to go back, and think about our old high school boyfriend or girlfriend. “To imagine that someone else would take them away from me.” “How would I feel?”

How did I feel???

It triggered the “old tapes” in me. The purpose of the question was that if we got triggered, then that was an area that needed some healing. Through that process, I realized that I had not mourned and grieved the nearly six-year relationship with my first "love" (even though I am currently very, happily married, and in a Spiritually loving relationship for 18+ years.) After I ended my first relationship, later I realized that I had entered my new relationship without properly mourning and grieving the loss of my prior relationship. It was unbeknownst to me - because I thought I had mourned it just fine. I thought I cried every tear already. Why cry more? Why? Because this needs to be healed in a new Light.

After 18 years, I am now healthfully learning to release the “old tapes” of my first relationship and bless the exprerience along its way. The inner distractor was a lesson for me to bring forth what needed to be healed next. 


I learned that I can change the “old tapes” through “guided imagery” meditation. Through guided imagery, I can go back to the point where I was hurt and change or complete the story. I can visualize the outcome I want, and be healed as a result. It is not condoning the poor behavior or wanting the person back, it is releasing the energy that was stored up, so new abundance can fill the spot of the old energy. 


At 40 years old, I am still getting a good grasp of the “old tapes” and “button-pushing” feelings, and blessing them. I know my “old tapes” have an impact on my communication with others too.

People change for the better, as do I, so when miscommunications arise and “old tapes” show up, I have a choice where I take the interaction with the other person.

I do not want to assume or perceive, the other person is acting upon their old ways; therefore, I act upon my old ways, which becomes a vicious cycle. Even if the other person is acting upon their old ways, it does not mean I have to act upon mine.

I can go back to my old ways of thinking, or I can take a deep breath, pray, surrender the outcome to Spirit, be grateful for that God-Presence to fizzle out the “old tapes” energy, and I can move forward on my purposeful journey. 

Relationships as a Path of Spiritual Growth

Posted on January 20, 2020 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (3508)

Recently I completed a spiritual growth lesson in a Toastmasters International Pathways course. The lesson was called “Focus on the Positive,” a project in the Leadership Development path, a Level 3 elective. I am a pretty positive person by nature, so I wanted to enhance myself by seeing where areas of improvement are, aka working on my Spiritual Growth through relationships.

The “Focus on the Positive” project addressed strategies for improving my relationships and personal interactions by understanding the impact of my attitudes and thoughts in my daily interactions. I kept a daily journal/record of my moods and attitudes for two weeks. I noted when I felt positive or negative, my successes and efforts, and my daily gratitudes. I also recorded and evaluated any changes in my behavior and the behavior of those around me.

After day six of keeping record of my thoughts and feelings, I noticed an area for improvement within my relationships. I was feeling annoyed with my dear husband’s driving. Our relationship is important to me. I love him, and I don’t want to feel annoyed, so at that moment, I thought, “What can I do to shift my super annoyed feelings, to a feeling of peace and harmony?” Then the acronym “B.E.S.T” came to me. I can take a deep, centering Breath, Exclaim my thoughts and feelings to Spirit, Surrender the outcome to Spirit, and, to be Thankful that the situation is blessed and taken care of by Spirit.

The next opportunity that I drove in the car with my dear husband, I was able to practice “Doing my B.E.S.T.” Instead of reacting to my loved-one with annoyance, I was able to practice “B.E.S.T.” I cannot believe how free I felt, at that moment, that I did not have to “fix or “solve” an issue. My loved-one can do just fine without my commentary on driving. When I am finger-pointing, I have three pointing right back at me. It’s not about how I can change my loved-one, it’s about changing me, and how I respond to them. Once I changed me, I noticed the relationship between my dear husband, and I has changed positively, too; and now we’re both not annoyed driving together! I do my best to apply the “B.E.S.T.” acronym in all areas/relationships of my life now.

How can I teach the concept of “Relationships as a Path of Spiritual Growth” in spiritual guidance sessions? I would teach through experience. I understand that relationships offer a path of awakening, healing, and fulfillment, and to invite us to shift to new levels of consciousness. Relationships provide us an opportunity to practice and trust Divine Principle, and to use the creative process. Since I know this is true for me, I know this is true for others, including clients in a spiritual guidance session. I can ask the client if they are open to hearing some ideas how to heal their relationships. If they are open and willing, I would suggest an exercise like “Focus on the Positive.”

To conclude, relationships challenge us to be our very best version of ourselves. When we spend much time alone, without the interaction of relationships, I feel we get stuck in our own ways and there is little, to no, spiritual growth, plus spiritual growth is painful. Nobody said growth is painless! Our relationships almost force us to grow to the Light, or the consequence is feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. My relationship with spiritual growth is on-going, moving, and fluid. I know and realize that I am always growing and learning and improving, until my very last breath in this existence. 

What do you think? How can you do your B.E.S.T. in your daily relationships?