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Miracle Minded Melissa 

Photo Blogger - Inspiration Artist - Storyteller 



Abundance Shows up as a Wild Cat

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments ()

It is a crisp, bright and clear, chilly winter morning in the foothills of Colorado. The ground has little snow and Life is beautifully still outside. GrandMother Earth is glorious in her new day.

I sit in the window basking in the warmth from Father Sun. I say my morning affirmations and prayers. I open my eyes and I see the neighborhood wild cat at my door.

I love him. I've named him Buster.

I am always delighted to see him. He stops by to ask for a bite to eat, and I of course provide a meal to him. He’s been visiting for about six years now. Sometimes I won’t see him for months. I’ll think about him and he shows up the next day. We must have a connection.

Two years ago I gained his trust enough that he allows me to pet him. Before, he would keep his distance, but now, I stick out my pointer finger, and he comes to check me out. I rub his ears, cheeks and under his chin. Yay!!

He is a remarkable cat. He has survived sub-zero temperatures and attacks living in the wild. I’ve seen injuries on him heal. I do not know where he goes, but he shows up knowing he will receive love and a meal from me.

This morning I asked myself what I thought his presence in my life meant.

This is what I feel. Buster shows up to remind me that I am completely taken care of by the Abundant Universe.

He shows up to remind me that in our human experience we too can survive our own sub-zero event in our lives. He reminds me that we have our own journey to experience.

He’s out there living a wild cat life and knows when he shows up at my door, he will receive a meal and some love.

The Universe shows up for us too, knowing that our greatest wants, desires and needs are met in the Highest Good, for the Highest Good.

How does Spirit show you your Divine Abundance?