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Miracle Minded Melissa 

Photo Blogger - Inspiration Artist - Storyteller 



Conscious Invitation

Posted on January 27, 2020 at 10:30 AM Comments comments ()

I want to share with you something called Conscious Invitation.


I was inspired to write this after reading the loving mystic Ernest Holmes’ “Unconscious Invitation” which is the manifestation of your thoughts, actions and emotions WITHOUT your conscious attention - mostly attracting things you don't want in your life.


But I want to talk about "Conscious Invitation."


Conscious Invitation is the manifestation of your thoughts, actions, and emotions, WITH your conscious attention. It is the Law of Attraction.

What you think and say, to yourself and others, creates a frequency vibration.

Everything in existance is a frequency vibration.

For exapmle, did you know our bodies are 50-75% made of water? So, if the water that was spoken-to is affected by the word/thought vibration, imagine how our bodies are affected by our words, thoughts and emotions? It is scientifically known that when you speak words of love to water, the molecules under magnification are beautiful, whole and complete.

However, when you speak words opposite of love, like hate, jealousy, fear and resentment, the water molecules are deformed and broken.

Dr. Marasu Emoto, a Japanese author and pseudoscientist, says that "Human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water." Check out Dr. Marasu Emoto’s website for more fascinating information on this subect., water molecules can be altered by our thoughts, just imagine how Divinely Whole, Well and Abundant we can be when our thoughts are for the Highest Good for all.

Conscious Invitation is being aware and conscious of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Conscious Invitation allows us to attract an abundance of Harmonic Love, Divine Wealth and Absolute Health.

Conscious Invitation is the fuel to our Vision; because we are consciously inviting all that is Divinely Good - as God as our Source.

I want to share a FUN example of how I consciously invited my dream car into physical manifestation. 

In 2011 the Transformers movie came out and I instantly fell in love with Bumble Bee the Camaro. (My name means Honeybee in Greek, so I was really attracted to BB).


I loved it so much that I wanted it for my next car. One day in 2012, I was grocery shopping and I came across a Bumble Bee Hot Wheels car.


I was ecstatic! I bought my Bumble Bee!!


I took it home and took photos of it in front of the garage door in the driveway. I created a visualization that my dream car is “in the driveway.”


In order to prepare for my dream car, I focused and disciplined myself to save money and prepared my credit to be able to afford my dream car.

        I had to be disciplined with my finances and choices.

        I had to save for a down-payment.

        I had to improve my credit to receive a low rate.

        I made an agreement with myself to pay it off in half of the agreement



Fast forward five years to 2017. It was time to start putting my “feelers” out there and see what kind of Camaros were available and what my budget will be.


I know from experience that when you have an idea of what you want, sprinkle it with “this or better”, because you never know what the Universe has in store for you.

 I still really loved Bumble Bee, but I have grown a little wiser and thought maybe a bright yellow Camaro was not what I really wanted. I began looking for blue, orange or red. I loved the metallic inferno orange, but none were available with the list of options I wanted.

        It had to be an “SS” Camaro, or better.

        It had to be a stick-shift.

        It had to have low miles.

        It had to have a sunroof.

        It had to be a great deal of a price.


I looked online every day from July to September (2017).


Then I found her! And she was Victory Red with Graphite Grey stripes. 

She had every option I wanted especially being a "2SS Camaro" and having a sunroof. The miles were beyond low, and the price was spot on for what I wanted to pay.


I was jumping up and down with glee that the car was in Parker, CO (less than 20 miles from me) and that we didn’t have to truck her in from another state!!


I instantly called the dealer, made an appointment to see her.


We showed up and there was a SOLD placard hanging on the mirror!!!


At first, I thought NOOOOOO, she got sold!!!!!???? Baaaaaaa!!!!!!! 


Then I quickly snapped out of it and thought, oh yeah, that’s for ME.


I test drove her, and so did my husband Chad, and totally knew she was the one. After the test drive, we went back to the dealership and the whole experience was 100% pleasant.


We were in and out of there in 43 minutes. I manifested my dream car into fruition. Yay!!


I am so grateful! Her name is Artemis and she is a fasssst 6-speed. 


I didn’t know it at the time as the term “Conscious Invitation”, but it helped me achieve the goal of owning my dream car.


I put the idea out there to the Universe and It conspired to help me achieve it – and even better - because I did the "inside" work to make it happen.


As I look back on my life, I have so many miracles that have shown up because of Conscious Invitation of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Not just in the material world. Also, through healing my body. I will share a story about healing my body on another day. Stay tuned. 


"If you think you can, you WILL. If you think you can't, you WON'T!" -Henry Ford


Dr. Wayne Dyer also said it well, “Change your thoughts, Change your Life.”

I totally agree.


What will you visualize to manifest out of Conscious Invitation? 

-Miracle Minded Melissa

Abundance Shows up as a Wild Cat

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments ()

It is a crisp, bright and clear, chilly winter morning in the foothills of Colorado. The ground has little snow and Life is beautifully still outside. GrandMother Earth is glorious in her new day.

I sit in the window basking in the warmth from Father Sun. I say my morning affirmations and prayers. I open my eyes and I see the neighborhood wild cat at my door.

I love him. I've named him Buster.

I am always delighted to see him. He stops by to ask for a bite to eat, and I of course provide a meal to him. He’s been visiting for about six years now. Sometimes I won’t see him for months. I’ll think about him and he shows up the next day. We must have a connection.

Two years ago I gained his trust enough that he allows me to pet him. Before, he would keep his distance, but now, I stick out my pointer finger, and he comes to check me out. I rub his ears, cheeks and under his chin. Yay!!

He is a remarkable cat. He has survived sub-zero temperatures and attacks living in the wild. I’ve seen injuries on him heal. I do not know where he goes, but he shows up knowing he will receive love and a meal from me.

This morning I asked myself what I thought his presence in my life meant.

This is what I feel. Buster shows up to remind me that I am completely taken care of by the Abundant Universe.

He shows up to remind me that in our human experience we too can survive our own sub-zero event in our lives. He reminds me that we have our own journey to experience.

He’s out there living a wild cat life and knows when he shows up at my door, he will receive a meal and some love.

The Universe shows up for us too, knowing that our greatest wants, desires and needs are met in the Highest Good, for the Highest Good.

How does Spirit show you your Divine Abundance?